Chest Protease / Silicon

Chest cosmetic surgery ranked first in cosmetic surgery, with a high turnout by ladies. In the first stage there is the so-called breast hypertrophy, means the large size of the chest in an exaggerated way, causing severe pain in the back due to excess weight in the chest area and difficulty breathing, besides  difficulty in finding suitable clothes in the daily life of the patient.
Sagging breast:
As for sagging breast is referred to the decline of the breast gland down and the breast is in a very low position of the chest, which very embarrassing. Sagging may be primary or secondary and has many reasons, such as rapid weight loss due to gastric shear operations or due to hormonal change, or breastfeeding or frequent pregnancy  or may be due to age.
The treatment of breast hypertrophy is done by reducing the size by minimized it by taking part of it in surgery and better arranged it, but for sagging breast is usually the solution is tensile and add silicone fillings (protease) and fillings are very safe and easy to change after a long time, or even control the size during another operation in the future.
Body contouring
Tightening of the body is a stressful thing that requires a long time and continuous training, so many people resort to surgery to remove it. Tightening the sagging after the quantization process, this procedure comes in conjunction with this process, one year or more after the quantization process. As for the surgical procedure, tightening the sagging is a procedure that removes the skin overhangs like the abdomen, thighs, hands and chest.

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