Vazer liposuction / J plasma

With the advancement of technology in the field of body sculpting, finally reached to produce a device that works on liposuction technology called Quadrilateral laser (Phaser) It not only reduces fat in the body, but also prevents it from returning to the place where the liposuction was made.Through this technique, the grease is dissolved in the areas surrounding the muscles such as the abdomen, back, arms, buttocks and feet and also enables the doctor to reach precise places can not be accessed in traditional or old ways known as chin sculpture, for example.The device relies on the use of high power ultrasound and precision, not as ordinary laser waves, but it was named Phaser because of the high accuracy and selectivity in reaching difficult places in the body.
The Vaser can be done to people from 20 to 50 years, and can also be done for weights from 50 to 90 kg. This can also be done for people who need to arrange their body, or those who have a change shape with irregular habits in life, and self fat taken from the abdomen, for example, can be safely transferred to the buttocks and buttocks to improve appearance.
After the operation, the patient returns to normal gradually within a maximum of three days, there is no negative effects on him, except for simple swelling and puffiness in in some places in the body. This procedure is performed by complete anesthesia, at least two hours and a maximum of six hours. As for the incision, the Vaser has a small head that shove the abdomen in a millimeter position and disappears completely after a while. The procedure is accompanied by several medicines, including anti-inflammatory / analgesic / anti-puffiness / cream for surgical incision.
The G Plasma:
G-plasma is the technique of ionic tensile or tensile helium and this measure is a revolution in cosmetics and body sculpting in the world, and used cold plasma energy inside the skin, and get the desired shape ..
G-plasma is an alternative to the vaser for light weights, and complement the vaser for medium weights and does not create large cracks such as the vaser and complications and the cure rate higher and faster, compared to the vaser.
G-plasma is used on all areas of the body, from hands, feet, chin, back, and abdomen. G-plasma outperforms other technologies with very high tensile strength and amazing results.

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